It sounds very cliche, but since childhood I’ve always taken pictures. We camped a lot as a family and criss-crossed the United States for vacations. I always had my Kodak 110 Instamatic camera with me. I took pictures of everything and everywhere we went. The pictures now are faded and dated. I knew as a young person I wanted to be a photographer. I dreamed of a dark room and developing my own prints. (I’m really dating my self) But life happened and my dream became just a dream. I then turned the camera on my children capturing them as they grew. In fact the lovely lady above is my daughter Alexandra. 11 years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Breast Cancer, it came back twice. Breast Cancer taught me a few things: We have a loving God, there is power in prayer and if you can dream it, do it. Give it a shot! In 2012, about a year after my last chemo treatment , Images by Coreen was established. I’m a weekend professional. I thank God everyday for saving my life and giving me this life that I love.
Let me help you capture those moments of growing, loving and living!
I look forward to meeting you.
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